Bonding with things…

Bonding with things may gain your experience… like my DigiCam, I am more involved in Photography. I own a DigiCam which we use it for our family uses but since we have no any special events, I am currently using this for random photographies…

…here, as you see above is one of my random photography [trip lang] an idea to use it also for my banner. Each photos I taken are just one of my hobby and every photos I saw are my inspiration to took more photos, I also noticed that I am liking arts…once I just saw an art, it took me almost a lot of time to stare haha.

an another picture were are my favorite is this, as a pokemon fan there is no any explanation that why…I apply some tweaks from my digicam and I like it!

My toy car just bought it from a box of cereal and im currently playing with it…

By the way, the digicam I use is a Canon Digital IXUS 60 with a 6.0 MGP *noob~* I was wishing that I can also have a perfect camera for me [10.0 MGP and up]

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