Review: Funny UST Virus

A simple review to this virus made by a Filipino Programmer [from UST?]
This virus took me a lot of time and effort to delete it completely but I have no idea because it keeps coming back in no time, It interrupts your chatting session every someone who PMs you and it can also damage your important files and softwares one by one.

Funny UST Scandal.exe

A worm works on Y! Messenger. Every PMs you received or PMs you will send, your cursor will automatically move and Buzz to your recent instant message window and sending messages says that “open dis ganda nakakatawa” and your current displayed this “sino gusto funny ust scandal pm nio ko”, then you window will close and the cursor will automatically hides.

I do anything just to remove this file, so I search to Google and I just saw a lot of aticles in how to remove this lame virus, and here are some site articles you can visit if your Y! Messenger has been infected.
#Funny UST [Noob.Killer] Update – Convegence Forums
Technology and Computer Guide
fs6519 for recommending these steps, and making the remover file

I made this again because I just recently encountered a user who also infected by a virus and also fixed in no time, he was also infected from this virus the “Funny UST Virus”

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How to Remove the Funny UST Scandal AVI Virus
Autoit.BD worm removal - Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe

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6 Responses to “Review: Funny UST Virus”

  1. WHOA!!!! nabiktima na rin aq nito.. nun kachat ko si carrotz~! nag autosend lang cya bigla!!! *dies* nacra pc ko dahil d2.. -____-;

  2. yep…grabe ang kunsumisyon ng virus na tu at nakaka asar!
    ahehe bat mu naman naisipan i-download ang “UST Scandal”

    kunsumisyon na mom ku na yan…hindi alam kung anu ang pinipindot!

  3. Arpit Karolia Says:

    Please send me the virus remover
    how i remove the virus in on my computer.
    plz send me the suggestion

  4. @Arpit: you can click those links under my blog post “similar blog posts” there you can follow the instruction and download the remover…but i still recommend to format your pc if the virus tooks longer on your pc.

  5. FYI: hindi ko cya dinownload! nagauto send cya sa ym ko nun kausap ko si jayr noh… ~___~

  6. hi i need that software can u send it to my mail. your software was really amazing i neeeded that.

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