Contest: Tradeport iPod Shuffle Giveaway

One of my dream is to have my own music ware that always in touch of me…it would be nice if I can also have that expensive item for a great experience to a music lover its your chance to have an iPod Shuffle!

YugaTech will be given away a 5 (five) iPod Shuffle from the sponsorship of
TradePort – an online filipino community that has a lot of online activities [such as eMalling, Marketplace, and Forums] so I am inviting all bloggers to join the contest. They have 2 simple mechanics to join a contest and if you are interested to obtain that iPod go click YugaTech’s Contest: Tadeport iPod
Shuffle Giveaway.
to read the whole mechanics (Contest # 1 – iPod Shuffle and Contest # 2 – 4GB iPod Nano)

I also wanted to join the contest # 2 but I was unable to join because of my very young age, only 18 years and above to join the contest # 2. Well its ok if I can only have an iPod Shuffle *hope so~*

TradePort’s iPod Nano Giveaway (Member’s Contest)


4 Responses to “Contest: Tradeport iPod Shuffle Giveaway”

  1. Hi! Contest are really in nowadays…we once designed a contest with sir Abe few months ago. You may check it here
    and here

    For latest contest we have you may want to check this link:


  2. hi manou!
    gee thank for those info you gave…ahehe marami na talaga akung masasalihang contests~

  3. I also started a contest but it failed. lol. anyway, you joining? good luckies! 😛

  4. @laarni: ahehe balak kong mag host ng isang contest sa pokemon philippines pero ipon muna aku ng money para sa magandang prize lols.

    yes, sana isa aku sa mga mananalu ahehe…thanks!

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