Migraine….just a random post~

Ok, I am recently writing this post in my notepad because my internet connection is down lol.

Night and rainy I just woke up 9:00pm and ate my dinner alone, I can’t sleep so I decided to open my PC and took a look at my RSS Reader but suddenly the internet connection failed, Since I haven’t updated AGAIN my blog almost a week I decided to wrote an entry that I haven’t decided what title should I put if I am finished with it. My media player were open and the first song I hear is “Migraine by Moonstar88”

I forgot to say that I was heart broken because my girl left me and wanted me to give to other so she ended up our communication between of us. Every words I hear from the song [migraine] are almost as the time we ended up.

“Oo nga pala… hindi nga pala tayo… hanggang dito na lang ako…. nangangarap na ma pa sa’yo…”

I felt very disappointing, for the days we are getting more close to each other its the time to ended it up here. I am very slow that now she gave me the signal that I need to make up for a move [ligawan] that’s what I think why she left me or she just doesn’t like me anymore.

I think and think… how about its time to concentrate for studies studies studies… girls? girls can wait but education…I can’t wait to finish up all my studies and start a job and earn money use it for my own, family and girls.

Girls girls girls…yes its the title for my next podcast episode since a week I haven’t  made it yet, the photos are already prepared but my voice are not I am hoping that I could make a free schedule for me & PC alone.

Its11:00pm I think its time to stop and go to bed for tommorow but I noticed that I am connected again to the internet…go straight to twitter and start posting this entry.


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