About the BlogCaster

Jonathan Richard O. Savellano a 16 year-old Active Student from Muntinlupa City, National Capital Region. A pinoy Blogger, Podcaster, Pokémon Fan, and a Computer Geek wanna be.He belongs to a Choir Group(Tenor/Bass) from his school and a Band Group(Bassist) with his classmates. Currently listening a Rock(Metal & Emo) Musics.

Since they lost their Television almost 10-months, he always beside at the radio listening news and musics for his past time.

Interests and Hobbies
Than-than loves to have some one of his dreams like Pokémon Stuffs and a Personal Laptop. He always hang out at PKMN-ph Forum to share some stuffs about Pokémon and he loves to surf to the WWW to know more about Technology.



2 Responses to “About the BlogCaster”

  1. thanks for the tutorial it helped me much!

  2. Hi there Jonathan,

    Thanks for placing postcard headlines in your blogroll. Unfortunately, it’s already offline. I’m now blogging at http://karlomongaya.wordpress.com. I’ll be linking you there. Cheers!

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